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Engineering , Procurement , Construction (EPC)

We believe that a project is successful only when a team of expert engineers, contractors, managers and technicians comes together. Through our network, we have created a workforce of knowledgeable and experienced professionals to work for client projects on-ground. Covering a range from kW to mW, they are trained to execute and manage projects with utmost expertise. And deliver complete customer satisfaction when it comes to renewable energy solutions.

Solar Panel Installation

Installations & Commissioning

A vital part of setting up a solar project follows right after the EPC steps – installing the material and putting it to start. At Sunfraa, we take every detail and every element into consideration before finally commissioning the plant and starting it. This includes the weather, infrastructure around the panels and the best use of available resources. The use of best practices and correct procedures in installing helps in the better functioning of the project. After all, the best possible installation helps in reducing the need for maintenance over a long time.

Solar Panel Repair

Operation & Maintenance 


The energy generation and life cycle of a system is totally dependent on how a system has been maintained and its utmost importance is in the utility-scale plants. Our O&M team scrutinises the minutest errors of a system and fixes it.

1) Preventive Maintenance
This includes cleaning, routine inspection and servicing of equipment which helps prevent breakdown and reduce energy yield losses.

2) Corrective Maintenance

This includes repairing or replacing damaged equipment, which helps the system to run swiftly.

3) Monitoring Maintenance

This requires a resilient system performance monitoring system which involves monitoring of equipment and operations on a real-time basis and detects a potential problem at a very early stage to prevent downtime.

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