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Today, more than ever before, climate change and pollution are demanding a fresh new approach to energy. We are a bunch of young entrepreneurs who felt the need to welcome and introduce the benefits of solar energy. Our aim is to bring a change in the renewable energy sector by focusing on technical expertise, top-quality and constant customer support.


In a world that is confidently moving towards eco-friendly alternatives, Sunfraa Renewables is a step towards a greener future. At Sunfraa Renewables, we are home to everything solar. Focused on renewable energy, we provide end-to-end solutions for solar energy. These include independent consulting as well as management expertise for our clients. Whether it is solar EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) or O & M (Operation & Management), we aim to provide a complete support system for renewable energy solutions. Our experience through the years and expertise through practice has made us masters in rooftop installations. Having worked for major solar power plants, our technical team is a set of individuals who execute various industrial, commercial and residential projects.


Highly experienced team

on renewable energy

Unique business model to fit diverse client requirements

Technically sound and

well-trained engineers 

Platform for researchers & scholars to expand the horizons of renewable energy


Our 100% commitment to every single installation has helped us understand and overcome the challenges through the project lifecycle. So, with this winning formula, we strive to deliver a cost-efficient and long-lasting system to our clients.

Holistic experience of completing more than 10 MW projects in Gujarat, Maharashtra and Rajasthan and another 4.5 MW projects in the pipeline.

Proud partners for solar roof tops at ‘Royal Touch Laminates’. Installed a single-roof solar plant of 340 KW on the rooftop of Olympic Decor, Khatraj and one more solar rooftop-system of 400 KW at Crown Decor, Changodar. The latter being a 'state-of-the-art' solar roof top system with an automated cleaning robot which looks after the cleaning of more than 1000 panels with the help of a mobile application.

Handling exclusive solar system integrations for Luminous and Schneider Electric. 

Honoured to be chosen as a category - A channel partners with Gujarat EnergyDevelopment Agency (GEDA), Gandhinagar.

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